Participating Layouts

These layouts are expected to participate in ProRail 2020. Others may be added, so check this page often.
All layouts' participation is subject to change without notice.

Member NameTeaser Name Scale Miles Operators Control Dispatch
Dave Adams Description & Photos D&RGW Durlin Branch On3 21 8 Easy DCC TT&TO
Robert Bowdidge Description & Photos SP Vasona Branch HO 23 4 Easy DCC TT&TO
Jack Burgess Description & Photos Yosemite Valley RR HO 4 4 NCE DCC TT&TO
Jim Dias Description & Photos Western Pacific HO 4 4 NCE DCC Verbal Autho
Rick Fortin Description & Photos ATSF 4th District HO 23 15 NCE DCC TWC
David Griffy Description & Photos The Benton Group HO 18 4 Digitrax DCC CTC
Steve Hayes Description & Photos Western Pacific HO 125 12 DCC/Stanton Dead Rail CTC
Dave Houston Description & Photos SP Rocklin Sub HO 97 10 Digitrax DCC CTC
Bill Kaufman Description & Photos State Belt RR HO 53 5 Lenz DCC w/CVP wireless throttle Yard Limits
Dave Loveless Description & Photos The SP Coast Division Monterey Branch HO 65 12 NCE DCC TT&TO
Don Marenzi Description & Photos Copper Pass & Western HO 5 8 Easy DCC TT&TO
Otis McGee Description & Photos Southern Pacific HO 28 16 NCE DCC CTC/TT&TO
Ed Merrin Description & Photos Northwestern Pacific (NWP) HO 86 10 Lenz DCC TT&TO
Seth Neumann Description & Photos UP Oakland Sub HO 20 8 NCE DCC CTC
Bob Osborn Description & Photos Chicago and Mackinac HO 40 4 Easy DCC Verbal Autho
David Parks Description & Photos Baltimore & Ohio HO 23 18 NCE DCC Tower, 251
Jim Providenza Description & Photos Santa Cruz Northern HO 52 12 NCE DCC TT&TO
Jim Radkey Description & Photos BNSF Pink Lady Sub HO 35 9 NCE DCC TWC
Andy Schnur Description & Photos C&O Alleghany Subdivision HO 40 9 NCE DCC TT&TO/251
Silicon Valley Club Description & Photos Silicon Valley Lines HO 20 10 NCE DCC DTC
Dave Stanley Description & Photos Morada Belt HO 76 5 Easy DCC TWC
Ted Stephens Description & Photos Ohio and Little Kanawha HO 16 4-6 NCE-DCC Verbal/phones
Tony Thompson Description & Photos SP Santa Rosalia Branch HO 31 4 NCE DCC TT&TO
Steve VanMeter Description & Photos South West Pacific Railway HO 43 8 NCE DCC Verbal
Paul Weiss Description & Photos Central Vermont in Northern California HO 60 12 NCE DCC TT&TO
John Zach Description & Photos Sierra Railroad HO HOn3 125 12 Easy DCC verbal autho

Layouts in green stripes are bonus layouts and will be offered before or after the main event. See the descriptions for more details.

All DCC layouts use radio cabs.
CTC = Centralized Traffic Control
DTC = Direct Traffic Control - verbal authority assigning pre-defined blocks of track
Tower = Trains handed off from tower to tower with signal indication under rule 251
TT&TO = Time Table and Train Order
TWC = Track Warrant Control - verbal authority with variable blocks
Yard Limits = All movements at Restricted Speed, prepared to stop in half the distance to any obstruction

Modfied 9/29/2019