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Ted Stephens

Ohio and Little Kanawha

The Ohio & Little Kanawha Railroad is a freelance 1950s West Virginia coal hauling railroad. It travels around West Virginia, not though. The Ohio & Little Kanawha shares mainline and a Yard that run on this railroad. The railroad features 250 feet of mostly hand laid single and double track mainline. All turnouts are scratch built using Fast Tracks assembly fixtures. The scenery is about 98% complete. The layout features many structures that include scratch built and craftsman type kits. The layout is built in a 750 square foot room of an industrial building. The main layout room is 50 x 15 with a branch in an adjacent room. Construction is single level.

Jobs include Yard Master and Road Crews.

Operation and Control:

  • NCE-DCC with wireless throttles
  • Car forwarding by car cards and waybills
  • Dispatching via pseudo-CTC with trackside telephones
  • Manual uncoupling using picks
  • All mainline engines are equipped with sound decoders
  • 2:1 fast clock

Modified 3/07/2023