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Jim Dias
Western Pacific 3rd Sub (Feather River Canyon), HO.

Jim's WP layout is being offered as part of a "Two-Fer" with JackBurgess' Yosemite Valley. These are small (4 operators) layouts about 2 minutes apart. Jack and Jim will host 2 hour op sessions at each layout. They are offered as a regular session on Saturday and a bonus session on Thursday. Given that these layouts are both gems, we expect all slots to be sold out in the first round, so do not be surprised if you don't draw this package.

Oroville (staging) to Portola in the spring of 1938 in a 20x20 foot room. Fully scenicked, the quality of the scenery has been praised by former WP employees for its accuracy. Beautiful rendition of Keddie Wye is a scenic highlight, scenic logging railroad on the upper, unconnected deck. Walk around design features operations scheme adapted from WP timetable supporting casual but purposeful operations in a low-key atmosphere.

Two longer switching jobs plus footboard yardmaster job and shorter locals, through freights and passenger train. One of the more-involved switching jobs is on the upper deck, requires step stool for operation.

System One/NCE DCC control (many locos are sound-equipped), pre-prepared switchlists, sequence timetable, verbal communications, no formal Dispatcher role, written instructional handouts for each job includes layout schematic.

Duckunder to enter layout.

Revised 11/24/2019

Here's a video tour

September 2001 Model Railroader, May 2000 Railmodel Journal, and July 2000 Railroad Model Craftsman.